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My Favorite YouTube Mixes for Reading/Studying

Hello, friend! Sorry that there was only one post last week, two tests and two papers made for a really busy week for me. I did, however, finish Little Fires Everywhere (you can look for my review later this week) and I discovered the local library!

Because the semester is winding down and I am finding myself spending more time studying than reading these days, but that’s okay. Growing up with younger siblings, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy background noise, but when I’m trying to concentrate on homework or a good book music with words is just too distracting.

I’ve put together a quick round-up of my favorite background youtube mixes for your enjoyment. If you’re in school, like me, then you probably spend an awful lot of time locked up working on homework and studying. Even if you’re not in school these can be useful for a reading snowday. I hope you enjoy!

I know Christmas isn’t everybody’s cup of music, but this one is lovely!

So this isn’t a long (hours) video, but The Piano Guys are amazing, they have a ton of beautiful covers and mashups and I just can’t get enough!

I know it’s a little corny, but who can resist some good Disney music? I love this one when I’m really struggling with homework because it’s so happy!

I promise I’m trying not to post too many Christmas videos, but this is probably my all-time favorite! (I think I’ve already listened to it three or four times through)

While I’m throwing out seasonal videos, here is a fall one that I think is beautiful!

Movie soundtracks are also a perfect go to. Here are my favorite three!

This isn’t music, but it is amazing background noise. (The nerd in me ADORES these Harry Potter-themed rooms, it makes life more magical!) (There are also some videos from the Lord of the Rings that I love)


What are your thoughts? Do you listen to background videos like these? Any suggestions for something I should try? Do you like songs with lyrics or prefer instrumental?

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