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2 Year Blogiversary… a Roundup

On August 1, 2016, I published my first post on Molly’s Madness. I called it a little introduction. It’s fun to look back on where I started two years ago, but it’s also reassuring to know that I’ve come a long way in my writing. As of today, there are 111 posts on Molly’s Madness. I have shared so many thousands of words. And I grow to love this place more and more every time I post.


This post is coming a little late, as my actual blogiversary was a little over a month ago, but better late than never I suppose. As a throwback to my introduction, I’m going to share with you 5 things about myself (you can always read more about me on the about page):

  1. I don’t like pop. Especially not dark pops. Sometimes I will have a ginger ale, but if that happens more than 5 times in a year I’d be surprised.
  2. I’m addicted to school supplies. I seriously love picking out new planners, pens, notebooks, and highlighters!
  3. I think I was born in the wrong decade. I love the idea of living in the roaring 20s, but  I was definitely designed for the 50s. Poodle skirts, Bel Air cars, dirve-ins, post-war booms,etc.
  4. I am 1000% an optimist! Even when my day is total crap, I will do everything I can to find a way to see the glass as half-full. (For example: when my thesis work wasn’t working, even after getting help, I decided that as long as there was something to try next it would be okay.)
  5. My husband and I met while working at Burger King in high school. Turns out we only lived a few miles apart.


As there are two years worth of blog posts hidden on MM, I would  like to do a quick round-up of some of my all-time-favorite posts.

My Favorite Book Reviews


My Favorite Bookish Posts


My Favorite Miscellaneous Posts

  • My Favorite YouTube Mixes for Reading/Studying — For as long as I can remember, I’ve been listening to classical/ambient music when studying. I know lots of people do. I loved sharing this because it allows other people to add these mixes to their to-listen lists 🙂
  • Fall Bucket List — Maybe I haven’t mentioned this yet 😉 but I am OBSESSED with fall. Give me anything fall related and I am a happy camper!
  • My “Happy” Playlist — Similar to may favorite YouTube mixes… I like giving people things to add to lists 🙂


Let’s chat!

What have been your favorite posts over these past two years? Favorite review? Favorite miscellaneous post? What are some random facts about you?

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “2 Year Blogiversary… a Roundup

  1. Happy 2 years!! It’s always fun to look back. I’ve only been blogging for like 8 months though. What is it about school supplies?! I love it!! I’m not even in school but I get so excited. I’m a pen/marker hoarder and love to collect them!


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