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Welcome to 2019!

2018 was a wonderful year. Zach left for and graduated from Army Boot Camp, I survived a full year of my master’s program, we got a puppy, we celebrated 3 years of marriage, we moved into a house. It was a great year.

2018 Recap…

I read 63 of my 30 book goal (originally 26 books)

The first third passed in a blur because Zach was gone. Then it was summer and life was super crazy – birthdays, weddings, house hunting, family visiting. After that, the last third passed with moving into our rental house and welcoming our sweet pup.

Looking back at this year, I did not see that coming. There were so many things that I planned for but couldn’t anticipate (Zach leaving) and many things I wasn’t planning on (moving, puppy).

And looking back at my “goals” from last year, I did pretty good. I achieved two 4.0 semesters, read the books I wanted, worked on my health, expanded my social media use for my blog by starting my bookstagram account. But there were many I didn’t achieve – be more organized, kick researches butt, have a real morning routine. And it’s just depressing to think about.

So many resolutions are set to take away something. Take away sweets. Take away screen time. Take away foods. Take away money spending. Et cetera, et cetra.

Don’t get me wrong, those are solid resolutions. They are fine ideas. And I myself have set many a resolution with that wording. But it’s just kind of negative, don’t you think? To constantly say no to things that you want.

So this year, instead of taking things away from myself I’m going to give.

  • Call friends and family more – Give myself much needed social time with those I don’t get to see nearly often enough.
  • Read more books (goal 50) – Instead of saying “less screen time” I want to give myself more time to read when hubby and I are spending time together in the evening.
  • Blog more – Instead of forcing myself to rush posts so they are done, I’m going to give myself scheduled and designated time to work on posts.
  • Lose weight – Instead of telling myself to work out this much and eat that I’m going to give myself the gift of being conscious about what I eat and do. (I’m not sure if this is worded right, but my idea is that instead of taking away certain foods or forcing myself to the gym I simply want to make myself aware of what I do/don’t do and try to chose the healthier option.)
  • Finish my thesis – Giving myself a master’s degree (am I right?!?)
  • Become a morning person – Give myself a strong and comforting start to every single day.

So tell me about your year. What did you do? What did you read? What were the biggest accomplishments of your year? Did you make resolutions? What are you giving yourself this year?

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2019!

  1. Happy new year, Molly! I love this post so much. You’re so right, so many resolutions are about depriving ourselves. I think it’s more about looking for balance. Like, it’s ok to have chocolate once in awhile! Wishing you all the best this year!

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  2. I love this blog! And, I most agree with the statement of loving yourself enough to take good care of your body. I’m going to steal that one for myself this year πŸ˜‰

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