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Monthly Review – August

Monthly Review

August has been a quiet month aroudn Molly’s Madness. I haven’t been reading much and I also haven’t been feeling like writing much.


… 2 books… I talked about this a little in my If We Were Having Coffee Post on Wednesday, but I just haven’t felt like reading lately. I did read The Program by Suzanne Young and The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James, both books I enjoyed very much. However, overall, it was an unproductive reading month.


For once, this is an easy choice. 10 Books My Mom Recommends. I love that I got my love of reading from my mom and I especially love when we read and discuss books that we both enjoyed (like Beartown). This post was so much fun. Getting her thoughts and recommendations.. Not just to read them!


All of my posts did really well this month. I wish I had given MM more attention, but what can you do? ¯\_()_/¯


I haven’t been in the blogosphere very much this month. It’s been crazy and my computer time has actually been pretty limited. Of the posts that I read, none have really stuck, so instead I’m going to share a couple of blogs that I’ve recently found and really love this month.

  • Lauren James – Young Adult Author. This amazing lady wrote The Loneliest Girl in the Universe (one of the two books I did read in August) and I really loved it, so I went on a hunt to discover more about the author, finding her wonderful blog.
  • Graceful Little Honeybee. I stumbled across this pinterest post and got sucked in. I spent hours reading through several different posts on this website. I really love all the great ideas and I keep coming back to it!
  • Rather than discovering this one, I more re-discovered it. The Caffeinated Bibliophile. I love her reviews – pairing books with just the right tea is a beautiful way to share your love of literature and hot drinks!


  • BLOG!! After my hiatus this month, my biggest goal is just to get back into blogging on a regualr basis. As I settle into another semester of school, my schedule is settling into something more normal. This will allow me to schedule time into my life where I can sit down and write.
  • Read more. This one kind of goes hand in hand with the last one. I want to read more books this month. With colder and wetter weather on the horizon, I’m hoping I will want to settle in with my books instead of hiking/walking/shopping/traveling like we have been lately.
  • Move to the next step in my thesis work. Not applicable to the blog, but I think setting goals is important in actually accomplishing things.


  • Packing for moving (I know it’s a weird thing to be excited about). We won’t be moving until mit-to-late-October, but I love planning for a move and where all my things will find their home in our new home.
  • A puppy. Our new place will let us get one little dog – which has been huge on our wish list since we got married!
  • My parents visiting over Labor Day weekend. We don’t have anything super special planned yet, but I love when family visits either way.
  • FALL!!! Rainy days, yellow leaves, sweater weather. You name it about fall and I am looking forward to it. Call me basic, but I can’t get enough.

Lets chat!

What did you read in August? What were some of your favorite blogs or blog posts this month? What are you looking forward to in September? What are some of your upcoming goals?

Until next time…

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