On Disappointment

on disappointment

We found THE house. It was perfect… Five bedrooms, newly remodeled kitchens, huge fenced in backyard. We bid on it. We got it… We lost it. As it turns out, my position is “temporary” according to the state of South Dakota. Which makes sense, ultimately, but it would have been nice to know before I got my heart set.

I wish I could say it’ll never happen again… that I know better now and I won’t get attached like that again. But that’s not the case. That will never be the case. I am an emotional human being. And there is no real way around that.

When I want something I really want it. I’m talking heart, mind, and soul. I invest all that I am into things. Not just a place we’re going to live for possibly the rest of our lives, but everything. My thesis project, my friendships, this blog, even a paint color! So when something goes wrong I take it personally.

I take everything personally. 

I can’t help it, that’s who I am. It’s who I’ll always be. It is the reason my mom advised me not to become a teacher. I get attached. I can’t even be sorry for that, it’s a great quality to have. To go all in. To be 100% committed. But it makes it all the harder when things go awry.

What do you do when disappointment hits you?

I take some R&R. I do things that make me feel better. When we got the house news, that means we went out for Chinese and shopped around Walmart for an evening (yes, I do live in a small town) (buying things that weren’t even on the list). It means being upset, at least for a little while. Because that is okay. But it also means moving on. Accepting that it’s not what you want. And moving on (haha, not literally, obviously).

Self-care is so important. Taking the time to let yourself work through the disappointment is the only way to handle these times. Read a book, take a bath, cry a little, but move on. Becuase there is no point to anything if you let one bad disappointment stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


Let’s talk! What do you do when you’re disappointed? Do you get too involved, too invested? How do you handle it? 


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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