Monthly Rewind

Mothly Review – Febuary

Monthly Review


So this year has been one for my reading goals to be crushed. So far I have read 15 books total! This month, I read 7 the Shadow and Bone Trilogy (4.5 stars), Flame in the Mist (5 stars), King’s Cage (3 stars), A Wrinkle in Time (3.5 stars), and The Raven Boys (4.5 stars).


I really loved writing Fangirl At Heart. It was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I enjoyed sharing that here.


Hm… Once again I haven’t been great about keeping track of this. Any bloggers out there that have tips for how they keep track of their favorite posts over an entire month?

  • Chocolate peanut butter chia seed pudding. OMGEEE. a friend made me one of these puddings a couple weeks ago and now I’m obsessed. This is the best one I’ve tried yet.
  • This macaroon recipe. The same friend who introduced me to chia seed pudding and I got together and friend making macaroons for the first time in our lives. This was fun and easy to follow along and do. Neither of us had ever had macaroons before, so we think they were perfect.
  • These science experiments for kids. My ten-year-old sister will be staying with me and my husband this summer so I’m putting together some ideas of what we should do. As a scientist, it’s super important to me that she learns something in that time.
  • This, this, and this booklist. I love adding books to my TBR list, so naturally, I continue increasing this list. These are just a couple I’ve been checking out lately.


  • Bring in some traffic. Ultimately, I do this for me. It’s not really about the numbers, but it would be really great to reach more than just a couple of people.
  • Continue working on getting through all the reviews I still need to write (Legend series, Warcross, The Young Elites, King’s Cage, etc.).
  • Post at least once each week… As you can see, I’ve been doing pretty well with this, but I’d like to keep up with this work.
  • Personal: with spring break, my trip to pick up Zach, and Easter this month I need to work hard on keeping to my gym schedule.
  • Personal: keep reading like I have been. My numbers have been through the roof and I am loving living in these wonderful worlds. When Zach gets back, I’m worried that may change because one of our go-to things together is watching TV and I’ve been loving staying away from Netflix lately.


  • Traveling to Oklahoma to rescue my husband from boot camp! After 70 days apart I can barely think of anything else.
  • More reviews! As much as I put them off, I love working on my reviews, trying to put my jumbled thoughts into coherent ideas. I’m looking forward to the ones I’ve got planned this month (I read some great books lately).
  • Spring break. Unlike most of the college students I know, I’m not looking forward to it because I’m going somewhere, instead, I’m looking forward to it because I’m staying at school. My thesis research needs some serious love and getting ahead in my classes couldn’t hurt.


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