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10 Gifts for the Reader on Your List

Happy holidays! Sorry, this post is coming a little late today, but it’s better than never! I hope you’re more prepared for Christmas than I am. I have so much shopping to get done and just 20 days to get it done. HELP!!!

So I made this list to help you find the perfect gift for the reader on your shopping list (and these aren’t books — that’s next week).


  1. Adorable bookends from Amazon. I’ve wanted a set of these for a few months now. Geodes are found all around where I live so I would like to get a set from here, but these are pretty close ($35.99)!
  2. A tote to keep all of our books in. There are so many nerdy/punny bags that it was really difficult to choose just one, so I suggest you shop around for the perfect look for your reader ($17.95).
  3. A reading light. I can’t imagine having too many of these (mostly because I keep losing them), always a safe bet for those who like to stay up past their bedtime 🙂 ($9.99).
  4. A kindle paperwhite to fuel their habits. I have the 6th generation of the old Kindle and I would really love to upgrade to this one! It has a handful of new features, like a lighted screen (then you wouldn’t need to get the booklight 😉 ), and you can’t go wrong ($119.99).
  5. Book Darts. I can’t vouch for these as I’ve never tried them, but I really REALLY want to! They aren’t very expensive and I’ve never met a book reader who couldn’t use extra bookmarks ($12.75).


  1. This sweatshirt so everyone knows… ($38.09)
  2. This beautiful bookmark because you really can never have enough.
  3. A literary journal to keep track of out lists of books ($6.49). I have a google doc that I keep for all the books I read, but handwriting a journal just seems so much better.
  4. This cute PJ shirt for her to lounge and read in ($29.97).
  5. This pillow to make reading in bed that much better ($39.98). I LOVE these and would love to get one to help with those heavy books I keep dropping on my face.


  1. This adorable book-themed coffee cup for drinking warm drinks this season ($15.95)
  2. I pretty throw pillow to relax with ($8.99).
  3. A book scented candle to set the mood ($18). I’ve never tried one of these, but I would really love to! They seem to be a pretty popular, so why not?
  4. A tea set in a pretty box for your tea drinker ($39.99). You could also give coffee or hot cocoa depending on your reader.
  5. An amazing reading chair that would be a great addition to any room ($149.99).
  6. A cozy knit blanket for rainy days spent reading ($122.88).


Let’s talk! Do you have any suggestions for what to get the reader? Are any of these on your to buy list now?


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