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I’ve seen bunches of awesome bloggers do this and I really love the idea. I’m not sure that I post enough to make this work, but I’m sure going to give it a try.

Number of Books I read this month:

3 (Vanishing Girls and the NestΒ and yesterday I finished A Stranger in the House -RTC-)

My Favorite Post from [me] this Month:

D.N.F.: It’s really hard for me to talk about things that I struggle with. It felt really nice to share it here and I hope someone found it refreshing.

Runner-up: 10 Literary Characters I Would be for Halloween — guys, I put soooo much time and effort into this one and hated it so much. But it turned out pretty decent (if I do say so myself)

Post I wish Got More Attention:

All of them… Traffic isn’t my main goal, but I do like when my posts get attention.

Five Posts by Other Bloggers I Loved this Month:

  1. On Identity from the Perpetual Page Turner — I love love LOVE Jamie and have been following her blog for YEARS!
  2. What Does a Book Blogger Do from Paper Fury — You know I’m not very serious about my blog, but I do LOVE it. This post had the perfect amount of funny and seriousness to make my day.
  3. My Favorite Bookmarks from A Page with a View — I really love Cait’s posts and with Christmas right around the corner, I think these Etsy shops are going to get some attention from me πŸ™‚
  4. Classic Buttermilk Scones from the Unlikely Baker — I live off coffee, like would probably go into a coma without it. However, for all the warm drinks I’ve enjoyed over the years I have never had them with a scone. I’ve never had a scone (period), and this recipe sounds like a great place to start.
  5. How To Design The Best Blog Graphics With Free Tools And Design Theory from CoSchedule Blog — If you’ve been hanging around here, you know that I’ve been changing things up quite a bit, this post was/is really helpful for me to find ways to make my blog prettier and (hopefully) get some more attention.

What I Want to Accomplish in November:

  • I really want to hit 20 views on my blog (yes… all month, if I break that I win :))!
  • I want to continue my streak of new posts every Monday.
  • (not blog related) I want to have my proposal for my thesis done by the end of November

Looking Forward to this Month…

  • Hubby and I are going on a trip to Denver with a couple of couple friends the second weekend in November πŸ™‚
  • THANKSGIVING!! I can’t wait to spend time with our families back home and take a little break from school.
  • Getting my proposal done (making progress on my path towards my master’s degree).
  • Gearing up for the Chrismas season!!

Let’sΒ talk!! I LOVE hearing from you. Tell me about your month by answering one (or all) of my prompts!


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