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Vanishing Girls

That’s the thing anout Dara and me: we’re both similar and worlds apart. Like the sun and moon, or a starfish and a star related, sure, but at the same time to totally and completely different.


22465597Book: Vanishing Girls

Author: Lauren Oliver

Two sisters, one tragic accident. Will life ever be the same again?

Dara is the loud one, the pretty one, the one always getting into trouble. Nick, despite being older, is more reserved, quiet, always following Dara around, cleaning up her messes. However, one terrible night everything changes.

When Dara doesn’t show up to family dinner on her birthday, Nick becomes convinced that something is wrong. But Dara isn’t the only one missing. Nick knows Dara’s disappearance is somehow linked to missing 9-year-old girl Madeline Snow. Nick is in a race against time to figure out what happened to Dara and where Madeline Show is.


Wow. I did not see that coming.

Sometimes day and night reverse. Sometimes up goes down and down goes up, and love turns into hate, and the things you counted on get washed out from under your feet, leaving you pedaling in the air.

I give it 4.5 stars.

This was a powerful novel, I really enjoyed the thrill of it. Fast paced and fun to read, this book was easy to fall in love with.

Some things I loved:

  • The plot. I’m such a sucker for a good YA novel and this one had it all. There was love, friendship, hardship, not to mention the thriller part of the story. I just all around loved the plot of this book.
  • The characters. I can’t say my sister and I were ever as close as Nick and Dara, but there were so many moments while I was reading that I could relate to. Being able to understand where the characters are coming from just makes it that much easier to fall in love with them, don’t you think?
  • The writing. The only other Lauren Oliver book I’ve read was Before I Fall and I also really like it. Oliver has a writing style that draws the reader in and keeps them turning pages until the very end.
  • The intensity. If you haven’t noticed, lately I have been really enjoying physicological thrillers. Although I wouldn’t necessarily classify this book in that category, it had a lot going on for it. With the disappearance of Dara and Madeline Snow, I was on the edge of my seat until the last pages.

Some things I wasn’t a fan of:

  • The twist. It’s a personal thing, but I DESPISE spoilers and refuse to give them, so I can’t say anything else. I just didn’t like it.
  • How confused I got at some points of the story. Okay. There was a lot going on in this story. Sure, there are lots of books that have me wondering what’s next and what’s going to happen, but there aren’t many books where I feel confused about what’s happening.

We stay like that for a long time, side by side, holding hands, until the crickets, obeying the same ancient law that pulls the sun from the sky and throws the moon up after it, that strips autumn down to winter and pushes spring up afterward, obeying the law of closure and new beginnings, send theor voices up from the silence, and sing.

I would recommend this book to YA lovers, people who love a good plot twist, and fans love E. Lockhart. All in all, I give this book 4.5 stars. I was a huge fan of the plot, the intensity of the story, the writing, and the characters. I didn’t love the twist (it was more predictable than most) and at times it was confusing. However, I really loved the book and will recommend it to many people.

That’s what magic is […] just faith.


Let’s talk! Have you read this book? Do you agree with my opinion? Disagree? How many stars would you give it? If you haven’t read it yet, is it on your TBR? I love to hear from you!


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