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Did Not Finish…

If you hang out in the book world, I’m sure you’ve seen those three little letters that cause so many readers so much grief.


Three little letters. Stop reading, put the book down, and walk away. Choosing not to finish a book is simple, right?

It should be, it sounds like it could be, but then I look at the three books on my nightstand that have been there for weeks. I started, got a few chapters read (some as much as halfway), and stopped. In fact, my bookshelves are littered with books that have bookmarks scattered in the pages.

I intend to go back. Pinky swear!

But there they sit. Taunting me. Watching me. Waiting to be picked up and loved. The three on my nightstand now have been accumulating since we moved (back in August). But they are not the only ones… Dusting off my bookshelf, I can count at least four more books that are waiting for me to come back.

However, I’m not saying that this is the only way a book is DNF. I know that a lot of readers (myself included) struggle to finish books because they straight up DO NOT LIKE THEM. I have had some books that I set down with ZERO intention of coming back. Whether the writing isn’t a good match for me, the plot is something I can’t get into, or it’s just not my style.

DNF post.JPG

These two reasons/ways of putting a book down are so different, and I struggle to talk about either. I’m unsure how to draw the line. Do I review all books that I give up on, even the ones I plan on coming back to? Or do I not talk about any of it and pretend that everything is hunky dory and I always finish what I start?

A lot of times I set a book down it’s because another book I’m reading is more interesting and I get sucked in. Then, instead of coming back to the book, something else catches my fancy. I really struggle with this line, however. A book I want to come back to vs. a book I just don’t like. What do you do?


Let’s talk!! Do you stop reading a book before you’re done? Is it difficult for you to define “not finishing”? Do you talk about these books? Where do you draw the line? Is this something you struggle with as a reviewer or reader? I love to hear from you!


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