What I’ve Been Watching Lately

As you know, I like to read. What you may not know is that I often watch WAY too much Netflix. I like the noise. At lease that’s what I tell myself. It’s so easy to come home after a long day, turn the TV on, and leave the TV on. In doing this, I accomplish half of what I could and I rarely get any reading done. But for whatever reason, I can’t seem to force myself to turn it off.

TV Shows

I really tend to love TV shows because they keep going. I hate when I REALLY get into a movie and then it’s over. With TV shows, you can get more into them and they last a lot longer before you’re left high and dry wishing there was just a little longer.

  1. Gilmore Girls — I have been REALLY into this (and by that I mean I’ve watched it all the way through three times). It’s my go-to comfort show. A mother and daughter journey through life in 7 hilarious seasons. The series is funny, personal, and serious in all the right places.
    Source: IMDb
  2. Orange is the New Black — This is a new one for me and the hubby. So far, it’s interesting enough to get us to come back, but not necessarily a binge show. We had both heard about how great it was and we’re slowly chugging through episodes when we’re too tired to FOCUS on the Blacklist.

    Source: IMDb
  3. The Blacklist — We’ve been watching this one since it first showed up on Netflix and it’s INTENSE. FBI working with a criminal to catch other criminals? Color me interested. Every episode is a cliffhanger. And every episode ahs a twist you won’t see coming.

    Source: IMDb
  4. Jane the Virgin — This is my backup go-to show. Zach and I have a few shows that we like to watch together, but I have my own shows to watch when he isn’t around (I’m at the gym, cleaning the house, etc.). This one is funny and full of drama, the telenovella theme is fresh and fun when I don’t want something so serious.

    Source: IMDb


  1. Beauty and the Beast –What kind of nerd would I be if this wasn’t at the top of my list. I think this new version is one of my favorite movies of all time. I am OBSESSED. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

    Source: IMDb
  2. Love Actually — I know it’s a little early for this one, but I can’t wait for Christmas and this is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. Funny, serious, sweet, sad, happy – it has everything you could want in a movie.

    Source: IMDb
  3. Finding Dory — Need I say more? This movie turned out SO amazing. It’s a sweet kids movie about friendship, perseverance, and family. The music and story line were so well done I could watch this one over and over.

    Source: IMDb
  4. Moana — I mostly watch this one for the music and the first five minutes of film. It’s a cute princess movie about a girl who must cross the ocean to save her village.

    Source: IMDb
  5. Tommy Boy — A classic. Chris Farley is amazing and, no matter how many times I watch this movie, I laugh until my sides ache.

    Source: IMDb

Honorable Mentions

  • Friends — Another safe fallback TV show. Always funny.
  • Practical Magic — This is one of my favorite movies to get me in the mood for fall.
  • Forrest Gump — Another classic. You can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Zootopia — This is another new one and I think it’s really cute. You can be anything you want.
  • How I Met Your Mother — This is one that Zach and I really enjoy, we’ve thrown it on as a background show many-a-time.
  • The Rugrats Movie — ANOTHER classic. This one is funny and cute. It also has that hint of nostalgia that makes me want to watch it even more.
  • Pocahontas — This was my favorite movie when I was little, I watched it so much I had the entire thing memorized.
  • 12 Dates of Christmas — Have I told you yet how excited I am for Christmas? This one is a little cheesy, but it’s cute and I really love the gooey romance surrounding the holiday season.

Let’s talk!Β What are you watching right now? What’s your favorite fallback movie or TV show? Do we share any favorite TV shows/movies?


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