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The Passenger


I started to read the obituaries every morning because they brought me comfort, reminding me that I wasn’t the only one whose time was running out. More people die young than you’d think.

2The Passenger by [Lutz, Lisa]

Tanya Dubois is stuck in the mundane life of a barkeepers wife. A life she established to hide from her past. A life she hated. When she finds her husband dead at the bottom of the stairs, she fears her secrets will be discovered by the police. Instead of facing the music, she sheds her name and tries to establish herself somewhere else.

In Texas, she meets friendly Blue who is also in the market for a new name. They work together to stay off the grid in a time when it’s nearly impossible.

This story is filled with crazy twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Can Tanya and Blue outrun their pasts?



As the first book I finished this fall, it got me in the creepy, mysterious mood that surrounds Halloween. I enjoyed the twists and turns that sucked me in.Β I LOVED that I kept guessing and kept being wrong. Just when I thought I had it figured out, the plot would shift and go in a completely different direction. Lutz did an amazing job weaving this complex tale.

The characters continue to change and develop as the story moves forward. There were a handful of characters that I had thought needed more detail, but the lack of detail added to the mystery, multiplying the results. The book was a little bit short, and I felt like more detail could have extended the page numbers while keeping the story from changing.

For a psychological thriller, I found this book to be slightly anti-climactic. It is probably a little messed up that I think that about such an intense book, but I found the end to be abrupt and nothing like what I was expecting. (I’m going to stop talking now because I really don’t want to give away the end because you should TOTALLY read this book.) I guess that’s kind of the point though right?

All in all, I give this book 4/5 stars. I thought it was well written and a great “brain candy” kind of book. There were a couple of things that made it slightly less than perfect to me, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good page turner.

I pumped the gas and tried again, because that’s what you do, you keep trying even when you know the effort is in vain.

Let’s chat! Have you read this book? What are you reading to kick off the fall season? Is this book on your reading list yet?

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