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Fall Bucket List

Happy fall, ya’ll. Sorry this is coming to you a couple days late. I was really struggling with whether or not I was going to share this one with you at all – I’m trying to focus on the books more than the lifestyle side of my blog and I just wasn’t sure where that left me. But I truly love fall. And I can’t resist a good list.

Fall is my favorite season (after winter) and I love everything that comes with it – the colors, spiced things (coffee, cake, tea), the cool weather, scarves and sweaters, preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and so on. This year, in order to enjoy this beautiful time, I have created a bucket list for anyone wishing fall was just a few months longer.

My Fall 2017 Bucket List:

1 ∴ Go hiking to see all the fall colors (in my area, they peak this weekend already!!)

2 ∴ Make a thankful list (seriously, before I get TOO obsessed with Christmas)

3 ∴  Read a fall book (I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE GUYS… any suggestions? I’m currently reading the Passenger, which is creepy, but I want something like Little Women where I just feel fulfilled)

4 ∴ Spend a day cozied in. Reading, watching movies, eating popcorn, drinking tea. Basically doing all the lazy things I want an excuse to do.

5 ∴ Have a fall-themed date night (hopefully this will help cross out other things on the list)

6 ∴ Carve or decorate a pumpkin ( I haven’t decided what I like more)

7 ∴ Make a blanket fort, and watch a movie inside.

8 ∴ Do some canning (not going to lie, I make BOMB apple butter)

9 ∴ Make a fall treat – roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, apple pie – and share it with a neighbor

10 ∴ Do something for Oktoberfest (a town near me has an entire weekend dedicated to this next weekend)

11 ∴ Watch Halloween movies – suggestions?

12 ∴ Try two new soup recipies

13 ∴ Bundle up and go stargazing in the bed of our pickup truck before we trade it off

14 ∴ Go to a fall festival

15 ∴ Take a trip somewhere


What’s on your list this fall? Is there something I left off that you think I should add? There are a couple that I really DO need help on. I would love to hear from you!!

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