Ready for a Change.

Hello friends!!

I know you haven’t seen me around for a while and here are some reasons why:

  1. My husband and I moved. And man! was it a difficult. We actually had about 24 hours where we were homeless. Our lease ended on the 30th and the new one didn’t start until the 1st, so there was that. To top it off, it was Monday/Tuesday and we both decided to work that day because there was no point in sitting around doing nothing all day. It was crazy and stressful and the next time we move we are going to have to plan better.
  2. I started graduate school. More on this later (hopefully!), but it is very different from how I thought it was going to go. The worst part about this means I had to say goodbye to my old job and all the amazing people I worked with there.
  3. It was summer. This is lame reasoning, but it’s true. I just haven’t been able to really focus on anything solid and concrete. Yes, I’ve been reading (some REALLY good books), but I just haven’t been able to take those thoughts and put them down for everyone (or, really, no one) to read. It seemed like it was taking up too much of my time. Plus, we went on some hikes, a vacation, and, with moving, I didn’t prioritize my blog.

But I don’t really want that to be the case anymore. I really enjoy writing and find it comforting to have a space and take the time to do something that is just for me. Not that I don’t do things for me, I do all the time. I read. I do yoga. I run. I just like having this little place on the internet where I belong and I can share a bit of me with the world.

I know that these excuses are just that, excuses. And that there is no reason I haven’t been around the blog other than that I really haven’t wanted it. Because you can make time for ANYTHING if it is a priority. I simply need to make my blog a priority.

Honestly, I am two books behind on my Goodreads schedule, but that also means I’ve read six books since I last posted a book review. Again with not feeling like putting my feeling into words on these books even though I really loved them. As long as I’m being honest, I should just admit that these may never get done.

As far as the crafting side of this blog goes (not that I do much posting there), my time is SERIOUSLY split between graduate school, married life, and reading, so I really don’t get to do much of this. And the stuff that I do make is usually just something I found on Pinterest ,. Because I didn’t come up with it, it doesn’t feel right to blog about it. I’m not sure how all this works, so if you know please feel free to enlighten me.

I DO, however, have some marriage/lifestyle/organization posts that I am gearing up to share with you. And I am really excited about that!

I really want to take this opportunity to redesign the blog (just a little bit) and start narrowing my focus a little (more books, less crafts). If there is anything you want to see or you have questions, comments, or concerns let me know because I really love hearing from readers. That’s all I have for now, so here are some pictures from my recent adventures!

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