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Book Talk – A Hundred Summers

It has been a LOOONG time since I last had a “new favorite book,” but this one took the trophy! Let me tell you about it…

Book: A Hundred SummersA Hundred Summers

Author: Beatriz Williams

Initial thoughts/Why I wanted to read this book: First, this is a beautiful and whimsical cover. As you may or may not know, I just graduated from college and I have a full-time job this summer. Which is VERY different than most of the other summers I’ve lived through (yes, I interned one summer and worked adult hours. I also took a summer class last year and had a mostly adult summer). BUT, in general, this summer does not feel like summer. So I picked up this book to get myself into the summer season. I own this book (with this beautiful cover) and it has been on my list for a while (plus in the goals for spring), so I figured there wasn’t a better time.

Plot: Like every summer, Lily Dane, her mother, and her younger sister travel to their summer home in Seaview, Rhode Island. Just as summer kicks off, she runs into her ex-fiancee, Nick, and former best friend, Budgie, who are also staying on the island for the summer. Facing the truth proves to be, once again, a harsh trial. As the truth begins to reveal itself, the story unfolds faster than you can turn the page.

Thoughts: I really loved this book. I picked it up because I was hoping to get into the summer mood, but that’s not really what happened. I was suddenly immersed in another world, surrounded by romance, unfinished stories, and mystery. This book was well written and provided and an encompasing glimpse into another world.

I loved… 

  • The plot (as usual). This book kept me turning the page with a hunger for the truth, but, alas, the story unwinds like a thread pulled from a tapestry rather than like a flood.
  • I REALLY don’t want to give too much away, but the way that this story unfolds is so unique. Alternating between past and present exposes not one, but two realities at once help to build the characters and unravel the truth that has been hidden for so long.
  • The characters. Even the ones I hated, I loved (does that make any sense?).  Williams writes so well that I believe I truly knew them. Each one was written with careful detail and had a background to support them.
  • The ROMANCE. I’m a sucker – I know – but I can’t help it. I love the sappy, gooey, adorable LOVE. All of it. And it was written so magnificently that I felt like I was experiencing it.
  • I LOVED the 1930s theme. I’m not sure if I like historical fiction (I think that I do), but I really loved the era this was written in.
  • The writing. I can’t say anything about this except that it was PERFECT.

I didn’t like…

  • It wasn’t long enough. Like all good books, I could’ve read this one FOREVER. And it ended too soon.
  • I worry about the characters at the end. (I know that this may seem vague, but I really don’t want to give anything away)

I give it… 5 stars!


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as I did say in the beginning that it’s my newest favorite book EVER! I give it 5 stars (or a LOVE rating) because it’s beautifully written, the story is carefully detailed and beautifully explained, and the characters were brilliant. I am seriously enamored with this book and I wish it would go on forever!

I would recommend this for… anyone who loves historical fiction (the 1930s), romance, and social mystery.  It’s also a great beach read, but could also be good to get away during the cold months of winter.

Quotable Quotes:

Don’t listen to her, do you hear me, Lily? Be yourself, be your own sweet self.


Oh, you’re in love with him, are you? I was in love once. It’s a very pleasant thing. I’d recommend it to anyone.


This is why I brought you here, when I’ve never brought anyone home before. Serious about you. I’m crazy about you. Don’t you know that? Mad for you. Drunk with you, made up of nothing but you. Since the day we met, there’s not an hour gone by that I haven’t thought of you.


What’s a few months? What’ s a little blowup with our families? We’ve got fifty or sixty years to go, Lily.This is nothing. Actually, this is everything. It’s our beginning. Start with a bang, that’s the thing.


Let’s talk!! Have you read A Hundred Summers? Did you enjoy it? When was the last time that you had a new favorite book? What was it? What’s your first summer read? Is it getting you in the summer mood? I would LOVE to hear from you!


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