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Easy Crochet Cowl

Hello, friends! Today I’m going to share one of the Christmas gifts I made this year, a beautiful cowl.

This is a really easy pattern that takes about one viewing of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Yes, that’s the best way I know how to measure time 🙂

Anyway, I used Lion Brand Super Bulky in coral. I thought I had everything I needed for this, but I was wrong. I didn’t have a needle thick enough (crochet or knit), so I improvised. I crocheted this with my hands. (Did you know that was possible because I didn’t!?!)

I literally just used my index finger as if it were my crochet hook and went to town.

  1. Chain 13. Turn.
  2. *Single crochet 12. Chain 1. Turn
  3. – 21. Continue from * (or more if you want it to be longer, like an infinity scarf)

Sew ends together (I also used mu fingers for this, just pushing the yarn through like you would with a needle — I found that this was easier because the yarn is SO thick).

And viola! Just like that (in a movies time) you have a cute cowl.

If you give this a try, let me know how it goes for you/what your thoughts are!


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