All I Want for Christmas is…

As I get “older,” I’m finding that I don’t want as much for Christmas. And I definitely don’t want to ask for it. I feel that since I have a job and an ability to work for the things I own, I shouldn’t ask other people for things.



  1. These earrings from Target
  2. Book – The Women in Cabin 10
  3. Books – Game of Thrones series
  4. This necklace from Target
  5. Books – Miss Peregrine’s Series
  6. Book – Not That Kind of Girl
  7. These shoes from Payless
  8. Book – The Last Lecture 
  9. This beautiful aromatherapy diffuser (that my husband will roll his eyes at)
  10. One of these cute bookshelves (I think the squares are classy)
  11. Book – Golden 
  12. Some leggings (doesn’t have to be these ones, just leggings)
  13. A patagonia sweatshirt (I’n not big on name brands, but I’ve heard good things)
  14. This cute shirt!
  15. This cute necklace from Target
  16. Tennis Shoes! I need two pairs, one for the gym and one for wearing.
  17. Book – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I could keep going, but, let’s be honest, there is only so much technology I can handle. Here are some more general ideas for a twenty-something nerd:

  • Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs
  • A planner for the new year
  • Fluffy blankets!!
  • Sweaters – who doesn’t love a bulky, cute sweater?!?
  • Board games (Uno!, Scrabble, Monopoly)
  • Scarf/mittens/hat
  • Movies
  • Victoria Secret gift card (or any of her favorite stores)
  • Jewelry is always good
  • A new bag or purse 🙂
  • Candles (add a new lotion, a bath bomb, and fuzzy socks and you’ve got a spa set)


What do you want for Christmas??











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